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Personal trainer studio in Vienna at Gold Fitness Studios

Be a joyful and conscious woman!

Private women's training with a personal trainer.

With our customized women's fitness program, we will achieve your set goals together, and you will see the change in yourself after the first few weeks.

Private personal training for women is the most effective form of fitness training

Your training program will be set by your personal trainer after a thorough health assessment, where your trainer will check the condition of your joints and muscles, your posture, where you will discuss possible injuries, your health issues and your personal goals. We will soon open our frst personal trainer studio in Vienna in Mariahilf.

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Women's private training check-in process

You can sign up for the training programs by clicking the sign up button on the website. We will soon open our first personal trainer studio in Vienna. You can choose the training program and studio that best suits you. After that, one of our leading personal trainers will call you on the telephone, where you can discuss the type of pass that is most suitable for you, the regularity of your training sessions and the date of your first complimentary consultation.

  • Private training

Training takes place in a unique environment. Only you and your trainer are present during training, so you’ll never feel embarrassed in front of anyone - you can focus on the exercises, you don't have to wait for any equipment, so we can progress as efficiently as possible. If you would like to come with your girlfriend, mother, or colleague, we also have the option of training in pairs. Also, if you are a mother, you can bring your child to train with you.

  • Personalized fitness training exercises

Everyone is different. The trainer will select the most appropriate exercises for your body, for your actual fitness level and health status, and your personal goals, so you can progress safely and most efficiently towards your desired goals.

  • You will love to work out.

You will do a form of training that is not only effective, but also enjoyable and challenging, so you will come to training with joy and enthusiasm and movement will be integrated into your everyday life.

What do our individual training programs include?

  1. Consultation and training plan

    The first time with us is a complimentary consultation, where you can come to the studio of your choice, meet your trainer, get to know each other and try the women's private training form. After that, you discuss the goals with your coach and your coach prepares your training program accordingly.
  2. Diet Plans and Fitness

    Your coach will teach you the basics of healthy eating. You will talk through what it is in your diet that you should change, and you will be provided with ideas that will enable you to create a new lifestyle that is easy and enjoyable to maintain.

  3. Regular workouts

    Varied and colorful workouts 2-3 times a week, where we move your entire body.

  4. Regular measurements

    In order to monitor your development, we will measure your weight, we will measure your body dimensions, we will take photos of you, and we will also do strength and endurance tests. You will be your own motivation as you see the progress in yourself.

We plan to open more personaltrainer studios in Vienna in different favourite districts.

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