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Pregnancy workout, maternity fitness classes

Pregnancy workout fitness calsses and training

Come train with us even during your pregnancy.

We help you stay in shape.

Our pregnancy workout, maternity fitness gymnastics training is one of our most popular training programs. It moves you, refreshes you and helps you prepare both physically as well as mentally for the baby's arrival.

The pregnancy workout, maternity fitness gymnastics program is available in all our studios, where qualified trainers lead your training. You’ll be happy to see, how much exercise and a personalized exercise program can help you during your pregnancy.


Benefits of pregancy workout

There are many benefits to doing pregnancy workout. We collected some of these benefits that you will experience if you join us.

  1. Improving overall fitness: Pregnancy gymnastics helps keep the body fit and healthy during pregnancy, which can improve overall well-being and help reduce the risk of complications.
  2. Strengthening muscles: The exercises in pregnancy gymnastics help strengthen muscles that are important for a healthy pregnancy, such as the pelvic floor muscles, which can help reduce the risk of urinary incontinence and improve postpartum recovery.
  3. Reducing discomfort: Many women experience discomfort during pregnancy, such as back pain, swelling, and fatigue. Pregnancy workout can help reduce these symptoms and improve overall comfort.
  4. Preparing for labor and delivery: Pregnancy gymnastics can help prepare the body for labor and delivery, making it easier to manage pain and improve recovery after birth.
  5. Reducing stress: Exercise in general can help reduce stress, and pregnancy gymnastics is no exception. It can help women feel more relaxed and less anxious during pregnancy.

Pregnancy gymnastics is a safe and effective way to improve overall health and well-being during pregnancy, and it is recommended for most women unless there is a medical reason not to do so. However, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program during pregnancy.


Pregnancy workout classes in a private environment

In recent years, to our great pleasure, more and more expectant mothers visit us and consider it important to prepare physically both for the period of pregnancy and for the times after the birth of the child. Nowadays, people don't look disapprovingly when an expectant mother says she's going to exercise, and doctors also draw the attention of expectant mothers to the importance of excercise during pregnancy. Of course, the method of training should follow all the changes that occur in the mother's body during these 9 months.

Pregnancy workout, maternity fitness classes

We expect mothers-to-be to apply for training from the 12th week, after the genetic ultrasound. The reason for this is that the first trimester is usually characterized by malaise, nausea, and a great deal of fatigue. Our bodies are very smart, so these symptoms also occur in order for the expectant mother to definitely slow down, and the doctor can check on the ultrasound whether there are any contraindications to exercise. During the pregnancy workout classes, there are a few main aspects according to which our personal trainers conduct the training in the private studio. The first and most important thing is for the expectant mother to feel good. We only use tasks and intensities that are good for you, that move you through, and in all cases this dictates the training load. After all, when the mother feels good, the baby feels good too. Toddlers are very good at letting us know in the womb if we are doing a task that they don't like. :)

It is important to strengthen the muscles that are used most during pregnancy and the growing belly, and if they are weak, back and lower back complaints can occur. At the same time, we also strengthen the muscles that will be of great help in lifting and holding your newborn baby. These are the deep muscles along the spine, the transverse abdominal muscles, the gluteal muscles and the rotators. Finally, we also work to ensure that you can stay in the range of healthy weight gain and, if possible, do not end your pregnancy with +30 kg, and feed your baby healthily even in the womb.


The main effects of pregnancy workout on the body

  • The supply of nutrients to the cells improves
  • better absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • our joints are healthier
  • we will be more confident and cheerful
  • our cardiovascular system works more healthily
  • fetal circulation improves


What exercises can you do

We recommend that every expectant mother consult a specialist for training during pregnancy, at least until she learns what exercises she can do safely. It will be very important to reduce the intensity of the training sessions as the pregnancy advances. This is also true for those who exercised before pregnancy. The load and the amount of training are reduced, and as you get closer to giving birth, the load should become even lighter. There are exercises that should be avoided for the sake of both the baby and the mother. These include sports and movements where the expectant mother may fall, where she may hit her stomach, increased and excessive sweating, a very high heart rate and certain body positions, such as lying on her back from the 28th week. Our coaches help with all of these. We prefer to perform the exercises with our own body weight and functional fitness equipment, and we introduce abdominal wall regenerating exercises into the training sessions.


After birth

You can start training from the 6th week after a natural birth, from the 8th week in the case of a caesarean section. The baby and mom program is available in all our studios. In any case, the first step is the abdominal wall regeneration training, where we check the condition of your abdominal muscle wall. At the same time, you can also start functional training, where we build up the training according to the principle of gradation. You can bring your toddler with you as part of the baby and mom traning.

Pregnancy workout, maternity fitness gymnastics is recommended for all pregnant women who have no medical contraindications to exercise. Of course, the goal will not be to lose weight, build muscle or topple the peaks, since we are in a DIFFERENT state, but that makes it even more important that you and your baby feel good in your own skin.


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