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General Women's Fitness Workout

General Women's Fitness Workout

You will see the change after the first few weeks!

The goal of general women's fitness training is to make you fall in love with movement, which will then be integrated into your everyday life. The exercise program will help you to take care of yourself from a hectic lifestyle, relieve any tension, move your body, and refresh you.

All of our personal trainers deal with general women's fitness program, in addition to our other optional training programs. Try how effectively a personalized training plan can help you become a stronger and more confident woman.

General female fitness training

What is this form of training about?

In this training program, we specifically took into account the needs of women. What do women want? To look in the mirror with confidence and satisfaction, to put on shorter clothes with pleasure, and to develop in such a way that we can work in areas that are especially critical for women. In a word, to feel good in our own skin while being stronger and healthier, all this in addition to developing our body as a whole. So you won't encounter only abdominal, leg and butt training three times a week with us.

The process of the training program

General Women's Fitness WorkoutWe always work with and move the whole body, because we think in a round whole system, just like our own bodies, thereby we can also pay more attention to the peculiarities of the female body. The first step is definitely learning the correct movement patterns, mobilizing and stretching. We proceed step by step, because we cannot start something right in the middle. First, we work with our own body weight, using rubber bands, incorporating TRX into the training program, and then, when the exercises are already being performed, we increase the load. Dumbbells and kettlebells are then used. In addition to strengthening and learning to move, the development of endurance will be extremely important, where we will go from easier tasks to interval and circuit training methods. It is a priority task to counterbalance the general lifestyle of today's people, which includes an average of 8, sometimes 10 hours of sitting. Our bodies are designed to be in motion, so sitting all the time can lead to many chronic symptoms, such as lower back and back pain, poor posture, stiff neck, and the list goes on. With the tasks mentioned above, we will improve your posture and help you towards a healthier life.

What will it be like to train with us?

So many women put off making changes because they are embarrassed about their bodies. Just the thought of getting into workout clothes to see yourself in the mirror, and even worse, to have other people see you and GAZE at you. In addition, we do not know how the exercises should be carried out, or even what and where to start. That's why our private women's fitness training concept was born, where it's just you and your trainer in the room. No one is watching you as you do the tasks, it doesn't matter what workout clothes you arrive in, the only important thing is that you feel good and improve in the process. Your coach will stand by you, show you how to perform the exercises correctly, help you with all her expertise, and of course he will understand what you feel, since she is also a WOMAN!


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