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Kata Szakal owner and personal trainer lead

Kata Szakal owner and personal trainer lead introduction

Victoria Kovacs personal trainer leadShe is the visionary who created SHE FITNESS and head coach.In 2015, I fulfilled my highest dream and created the first private women's home fitness studio, SHE Fitness, of which I am not only the owner, but also the head trainer. I was 16 years old when I first got a taste of what it's like to exercise, to do sports regularly, and to feel the positive effects of this on myself, both mentally and physically. During this period, the aerobic fever broke out in Hungary, which I had the opportunity to try and attend classes in my hometown, Karcag.

This was the first time in my life when I learned to love movement and it was integrated into my everyday life. In addition to aerobic classes, I also started going to the local gym, where up to 20 people shared the machines at a given time. Both in the aerobics classes and in the group gym classes, I felt that there was no opportunity to take into account individual characteristics, injuries, health status or goals. In parallel with playing sports, I also started modeling, and more and more of my friends asked me to help them get in good shape and fall in love with sports. That's how I first started writing training plans and helping others.

After many group lessons and visits to the gym, I realized what I wanted to achieve and what I would like to emphasize the most in a fitness studio, but I had to wait for this to be established.  How SHE FITNESS Started I saw the time to start my career as a personal trainer when my little son Hugo turned 2 years old. I enrolled in the most recognized fitness school in Hungary, where I broadened my knowledge and learned from excellent professionals. In addition to- and after graduating from school, I continuously trained myself in the latest trends and followed all the devices appearing on the market and the concept of functional training that was developing at the time.

After obtaining the qualification, although not yet at the SHE Fitness studio, I already started working as a trainer and holding private individual training sessions for women.After gaining a year of experience and demand assessment, I opened the first SHE Fitness studio in Budapest in 2016 in the 13th district. Numerous satisfied customers and loads of positive feedback showed me that the conceived concept brings the same joy and satisfaction to others, as it did to me always. 

New horizons The turning point in the life of SHE Fitness was in 2017, when the studio in the 13th district was fully booked. I knew, that the time had come to take the imagined concept to other areas in Budapest and expand. The second SHE Fitness studio was opened with great excitement in the 3rd district of Óbuda, which was filled with the same joy and enthusiasm by the new guests and trainers. In 2018, we continued to develop and opened 2 other beautiful new studios in Újbuda and our second studio in the 13th district.

In 2021, we opened the first studio in a rural city in Székesfehérvár, and in 2022 we will welcome guests who want to change in Pasaret. The year 2022 will once again be filled with the same excitement and anticipation as the opening of the very first studio at that time, as we are also planning to open the first studio in Vienna this year. We welcome applicants for further expansion who are thinking about opening a Franchise Studio. Our goal is to go global-, to take our concept, which helps our guests develop efficiently and quickly, and which makes them fall in love with exercise to everyone.


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