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Baby and mom gymnastics

Baby and mom gymnastics

Come and train safely and effectively with your baby!

Baby and mom gymnasticsYou'll both love this workout.

Baby and mom workout - One of our most popular fitness programs!

All forms of training are available in our studio in addition to other training programs. Try out what women's private personal training is like, so that your toddler can also participate in the workouts with you, where you move towards your goals cheerfully and efficiently, and you can set a great example for your toddler, who will also love the program. Your trainer will put together the tasks tailored to you, pay attention to you and to the correct implementation of the exercises and to your child.

Baby and mom exercise, abdominal wall regenerating exercise.

Which is what, and what happens in training?

During and after pregnancy, women's bodies go through many changes. One very important such change that affects your training and everyday life is the opening of the abdominal muscles. You don't have to be scared by this, it is a natural process that affects all women and it happens, so that your belly can grow during pregnancy and there is room for your baby in your belly, however, for a significant percentage of women, this opening stays and remains even after giving birth. And it does not close by itself. That's why we created the abdominal wall regeneration program at the Gold Fitness women's studios, which helps women to live a full life after childbirth and to train without injuries. In the program, you will be enriched with specially compiled torso muscle exercises, breathing techniques and anatomical knowledge to understand what is going on with your body. Your trainer will teach you which exercises you can do safely with the current state of your abdominal muscles, and which ones can only be included in your training program later. Your trainer will also show you how to lift and pick up your child to avoid back problems and to reduce pressure on your abdominal wall. As a result of the program, the abdominal muscles opening will decrease or even close completely, and you will be able to safely perform any fitness exercise.

Paralelly, you can start the baby and mom exercise program.

One of the best things about this training program is that your child is within sight of you the whole time, you don't have to entrust your baby to strangers, and you can train in peace. The trainer listens to you and your child, and compiles the most suitable exercises for you, taking into consideration the fact that you are a mother with a small child, with all its beauty and difficulties. The goal of the baby and mom training is to make you fall in love with movement, to develop a new routine with your child, in which exercise also plays a role. We pay special attention to posture and to improve it, we strengthen the muscles that are needed to support your growing baby, not to hurt your back and to have stamina. In addition, a priority goal for our mothers with young children is to regain their shape, so the training program will also include several cardio and endurance blocks. Children also really like the activities. They usually explore the room, play with the children's toys, or do the tasks with their mother when they are older.You can see pictures of this, which were taken during the baby mama trainings:Apply and start the program with us!


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