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Functional Yoga

Functional Yoga

Connecting body and soul - yoga!

Come train with us and we'll help you get in shape! Our personal trainers are ready to start happy and effective private functional yoga classes with you.

Our functional yoga training program is very popular among other programs. It helps you get refreshed, moves your body and helps calm your mind. This training program is available in all our studios. Try what it's like to finally not rush for 60 minutes and pay attention to yourself.

Functional yoga in a private environment in Vienna

Functional Yoga classes

In Gold Fitness Studios, we launched a new training program called functional yoga. In recent years, this sport, which has many trends, has become more and more popular here. There are types of yoga that are more spiritual, there are very dynamic trends, or even Bikram yoga, where you can practice asanas, i.e. poses, in a room heated to 38 degrees. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning to connect and unite. The goal of yoga is to unite the mind, body and spirit and thereby create harmony.

It became very popular in the western world from the beginning, since we live in an almost constant overticking mode. We fall from one task to another, we rush from one meeting to another, and in the process we notice, that we are falling apart. Yoga can provide answers and solutions to these questions, and in addition to helping us to strengthen mentally and improve our concentration, it shapes our bodies beautifully.

General questions before your first yoga class

Many people are afraid to take the plunge to start and learn about this beautiful sport. They are afraid that they won’t be able to handle it, because they are not flexible. How much stamina does it take? Will I be able to do the elements if I am very tied up? I'm very energetic, won't I get bored? We usually get questions like this. In the private yoga classes, the coach only pays attention to you, so she will put together the exercise sequences individually according to your level. As a result, it will not be too easy or too difficult for you, and will still contain enough challenges, so you can learn the movement material of functional yoga cheerfully.

You will also be able to use the breathing exercises and even meditation tasks associated with yoga classes in your everyday life, when you experience excessive stress or challenges at work, in the family, or in any area of life. It will have a beneficial effect on your whole body, and your concentration and performance will improve.

For whom do we recommend this type of classes?

For everyone. During the training sessions, the practice is personalized and the focus is on the yoga practice material and not on the philosophical part. Relaxation exercises and breathing exercises would naturally appear at the end of the class, which would be refreshing for everyone and help them relax.

What elements does our yoga class consist of?

The coaches of SHE Fitness who also hold functional yoga classes have, in addition to their personal trainer qualifications, qualifications as yoga instructors, spine trainers or pilates instructors, so these methods are also included in the lessons, thereby enriching and supplementing them.

The emphasis will be on the physical exercises, however, like all movement, yoga will affect your psyche and mental state. As a result of training, your self-confidence increases, your ability to concentrate improves, you become more open and accepting of yourself, and you learn that you are capable of much more than you think.

We welcome you in any age group. Come, let's experience the beneficial effects of yoga on body and soul together.


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