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Marianne Hoffmann personal trainer lead

Marianne Hoffmann personal trainer lead introduction

My name is Marianne Hoffmann, physical education coach, personal trainer and pole sports trainer.

My relationship and love for sports was already decided at birth. I grew up in an athletic family. My father was a national team handball player and is currently a physical education teacher, and my mother also played competitive handball. I consider myself very lucky to have grown into sports since I was a small child, and spending my free time actively was also fundamental. When I was little, I got to know fit kid, where athletes perform acrobatic dance gymnastic exercises spiced with elements of gymnastics. From the age of 8 to the age of 18, this was my life. Marianne Hoffmann personal trainer leadEveryday training and lots of competitions. At the end of high school, I felt tired of competitive sports and stopped competing. Sports remained in my life even after that, but a little lost and demotivated period followed. I tried to find what meaningful activity I could use to fill the void left behind after competitive sports. In this search for a way, I started a fitness model competition, which was good to try once, but it didn't catch on at all, and then I came to pole fitness, which immediately became love. I like to try many things, push my limits, but only for my own pleasure. Currently, I do pole fitness, crossfit, go to weight training, and in my spare time I really like swimming and cycling. Good mood, physical and mental replenishment are essential on my sessions.

My mission and my training sessions

My profession is a mission for me. I like to be able to create value and I am in the privileged position of having the opportunity to use my knowledge to change people's lives in a positive direction. The most important quality for me is kindness and love. I was exposed to many negative examples during my studies, which, although negative, greatly shaped my personality and attitude. The most important thing is that those who come to me feel and know that I accept them as they are. People who have never played sports, or their obsession is that they are lame at sports, enter the walls of a gym with terrible anxiety, if they even dare to press the application button. I want to teach everyone that sport is universal and for everyone. Be it a complete beginner or even an elite athlete. My workouts are intense and I like to challenge my guests, teaching them that the limits are much further than they think. My mission is for every woman to dare to look in the mirror, to love herself, to accept her talents, and to feel free from cramps, happy, physically-spiritually and mentally recharged after my training sessions. In my classes, I combine the elements of crossfit with the material of functional training exercises, I really like working with weights and supplementing this with my own bodyweight exercises and stretching-relaxation.


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