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21/12/2023 16:30

Diastasis Recti Exercise in Marbella to repair your Ab Separation

Diastasis Recti Exercise in Marbella to repair your Ab Separation

Repair your Ab Separation

Our abdominal wall regeneration training is becoming more and more popular alongside our other training programs. It is very important to learn Diastasis Recti exercises and their correct execution for a healthy abdominal wall. Several of our personal trainers deal with this program in addition to our other training programs. Come and try it, it can help you achieve a flat and tight stomach very effectively.

Diastasis Recti Exercise in a women's private gym – Marbella!


What does rectus diastasis mean and who can it affect?

Exercises can cause Diastasis Recti during pregnancy

The phenomenon of split abdominal muscles can affect both women and men. It can affect women primarily during and after pregnancy, and men and women outside of pregnancy in the case of obesity, abdominal wall and spinal hernia, or improper lifting of heavy weights as a result of improperly performed strength training.

It is important for you to know that for a woman during pregnancy, this is a completely natural phenomenon and it happens to everyone. The term „ripped abs” can be scary, but it's a natural physiological process and it doesnt mean, that your abs are completely „torn”. During pregnancy, the body tries to prepare itself for the changes it faces, such as the growth of the belly and the uterus. In order to achieve this, we produce a hormone called relaxin, which relaxes the connective tissues, thereby allowing these growth processes. With our rectus abdominis, the opening takes place so that our baby can fit inside. The rectus abdominis is structured in such a way that it consists of two muscle bellies, which are connected by a connective tissue plate, the so-called linea alba. During pregnancy, the tightness of this disc relaxes as the belly grows, so the two muscle bellies move apart. In case of excess weight and improperly performed strength training, this connective tissue plate has to bear too much load for too long, so the tightness of the connective tissue plate is eased, and the abdominal wall opens up.


What are the symptoms of split abdominal muscles?

  • Apron belly / pregnant belly - If your belly is still big six months after giving birth, it looks kind of like you're pregnant. When you wake up in the morning, it's still nice and flat, but as soon as you eat or drink, your belly looks like you're a few months pregnant
  • Roof / cone shape above the navel as a result of an abdominal press.
  • vaginal wall and diaphragm muscle weakness
  • uterine prolapse
  • hemorrhoids
  • the appearance of a hernia on the abdominal wall, navel, or spine
  • waist and back pain


How can you check if your abdominal wall is open?

Diastasis Recti Exercises results

Lie face upwards on the ground on your back. Pull your legs up, put one hand on the back of your head and with the other hand you will check your abdominal wall. While exhaling air, perform an abdominal press, i.e. lift your chest up and bring it closer to your knees. Keeping this body position, with your free hand, starting from your navel, "reach into" your belly with two fingers. Examine it at the navel, above and below the navel. If your belly is open, you will clearly feel a hole with your two fingers into which you can reach. Don't be scared if your abdominal muscles are split, you can change the situation by doing special Diastasis Recti Exercises and learn the tasks, in order to have your abdominal muscles back to normal.


What is abdominal wall regenerating exercise?

During the exercise, we strengthen the muscles of the trunk and abdominal wall all this as much as the degree of your opening allows. We will teach you which tasks you can do safely and which ones you should avoid for the time being.


We recommend this program:

  • For expectant mothers from the 2nd trimester. The program also includes teaching material specifically for expectant mothers and can be completed safely.
  • After childbirth for the fastest possible regeneration
  • In case of overweight
  • In case of back and lower back pain
  • In the event of a hernia

How is abdominal wall regeneration training structured in the SHE Fitness studios?

  • The trainer examines your abdominal wall and categorizes the degree of opening.
  • She talks to you about the anatomy of the abdomen, its structure and function, and also about rectus diastasis, so that you understand what is happening to your body.
  • She will show you Diastasis Recti Exercises in Marbella according to the classification of your opening and you will discuss their correct execution.
  • In addition to strengthening the abdominal wall, we will of course strengthen the entire body, since all muscles form an inter-connected system of our body.
  • You will also learn to carry out everyday activities safely, such as sitting up, standing up and lifting your baby.

You can take part in the classes at the SHE Fitness studios with a pass. Our passes are suitable for 5 and 9 occasions, where the first training is about the assessment of your present abdominal wall condition and knowledge of anatomy, and you will already start to learn about the exercises.

In the following classes, you will perform and practice Diastasis Recti Exercises you have already learned, and during the training sessions, we will keep expanding the repertoire of tasks. Your trainer will also compile a set of homework for you from the exercises you have already learned and performed well.


Enjoy the benefits of the spinal gymnastics, sign up for personal training with us at Gold Fitness Studios.

You can read more about Diastasis Recti in Wikipedia.


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