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21/03/2023 16:20

My encounter with the Gold Fitness Gym experience

My encounter with the Gold Fitness Gym experience

My encounter with the Gold Fitness Gym experience

The year 2018 brought many changes, but my office life was most affected by change. The workplace is the same, but with a new boss, new colleagues, new environment.

Gold Fitness Gym experience

During a conversation, my new boss mentioned that he was seeing a personal trainer. I just said that I was thinking about it a lot because I was going to need it, but I didn't want any prying eyes. She immediately informed me that this is not a gym and that the trainer only deals with me here. This is where I started to like the story.

My previous job wasn't exactly stress-free, and I'm also a stress eater. There is nothing to beautify, I have rounded out quite nicely, which already had initial painful symptoms. On July 10, 2018, my boss told me that he is meeting with the personal trainer now, if I think I should go with him and see if she likes it or not. I had never been to a personal trainer before so I didn't know what to expect. On this day, I met Kata and Lilla for the first time. Lilla became my trainer and after a few days I went to my first training session.


Start of personal training

Condition assessment, scale, measuring tape and photography, then we embarked on a joint project that continues to this day and I really want it to last for a long time.

In August, in addition to exercise, I also started a diet and so far I have managed to lose 27 kg. The diet started 1 month later than the training and I managed to lose 3 kg by the time the diet started. Also, you need to count calories during your diet. The calculations revealed how many unnecessary calories I ate in the evening either because I was in a good mood or because I was not in a good mood.

I am slowly reaching the end of the diet and now I need to stabilize this condition. Binge eating should still be forgotten because there is no workout plan that can beat unlimited eating.

Another huge advantage of training is that after a while you start to like yourself and the woman starts to open up to you. Since we work in front of a mirror, you always see yourself during training and discover yourself after a while. You will see that the pad has come off your hips, your legs are thinner, you will see your shoulder muscles during weight training. I had it before, only in a padded version, but now I like it much better.


Training has become a part of my everyday life

I currently go to training 2 times a week and there was maybe 1 time when it didn't take place. It has become a weekly routine and I would like to maintain this in the long term, and even increase the 2 sessions a week to 3.

Many come with the excuse that they don't have time. You have time for what you want. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can't swing because there's training. After the long break at the end of the year, I was looking forward to going, but I was already approaching the limit of the surge. But I was conscious, I was at the training on January 3rd, and the wobble is gone.

Gold Fitness Gym experience

The other thing is knowing that I want to do it and make a difference. In addition to a personal trainer, change also requires me and my conscious desire to change. If you have that, change will come. With the change, you like yourself more and more, and it shows on your face. Many people have asked what happened to me, that I have changed so much, and many are surprised that my face has not become wrinkled and my skin does not sag. Because its volume was almost 30 kg. I always just answered that you have to move, and with movement you can compensate for the possible inelasticity of the skin.

If you are conscious and persistent, others will notice the change. If you like yourself, your female self-confidence increases, you start to behave and smile involuntarily. Other people will notice this, and more and more people will notice that you look good. I usually reply that thank you, I feel the same way, to which they reply that it seems so. Is there any higher praise than that, especially coming from a woman?


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